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                   Who Is Alan Dickie?

Alan Dickie is a dynamic speaker, sales trainer, and motivator among the most sought-after sales consultants and coaches in North America. Since beginning his career two decades ago, Alan has been revolutionizing the way teams and individuals operate within the automotive industry while striving for excellence with everyone he works with. It's a new day in the automotive industry, and Alan is helping usher it in!


Alan Dickie is the man! He has changed my selling career forever. I'm now selling of 35+ cars a month - nobody at my store can compete.

- Wali Nazif, Google Review

Alan Dickie is the REAL DEAL when it comes to automotive sales training! He is an authentic authority in the car business and delivers amazing results every time.

- Duane Stepp Jr., Google Review

Alan Dickie is a true professional who has mastered the art of sales. Whether you're brand new to the business or an 11-year vet like me, the return on your investment is a no-brainer. Thank you, Alan!

- Neil Wyatt, Google Review

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