A.C.E Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale"

A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale"

Let me tell you something:

This program was designed specifically for your dealership.

That's right. Yours.

 How do I know?

Because you didn’t end up on this page by accident.

You made the decision to click an ad or to listen to the advice of a friend that is absolutely killing it in the industry -  because you know that I can get you killing it too.

However, before we dive in - let’s be honest with one another.

Most sales training is outdated.

In fact, I would say that 95% of sales trainers out there have been in the business for at least 10-15 years. They use old school tactics and they flat out don’t work anymore.

Your customers at your dealership have too much information and too many choices before they even set foot on your lot or inquire online.

So, why haven’t you upgraded to a more modern and effective sales training program for your team?


Let’s face it . . .

There’s ALWAYS a challenge when investing in training for your sales people.

  • Keeping them engaged
  • Keeping them entertained
  • Keeping them excited about learning
  • Keeping them growing

Allow me to introduce to you A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale" Digital

I’ve been able to combine the “Old School Car Dog” principals with new, cutting edge, modern selling techniques that will most certainly boost your sales professionals’ abilities to handle every step in the sales process and then some.

It doesn’t matter who you ask - there are four basic elements to a sales process:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Qualify
  • Product Demo
  • Close


There is so much more to training your sales team than just teaching them how to greet customers and slap a sold tag in the window.

Your sales team must be able to effectively:

  • Meet & Greet
  • Qualify & Investigate
  • Select Products & Powerfully Present Them
  • Set Up The Work Sheet For Success
  • Overcome Objections
  • Close The Deal

Once your sales team goes through this entire training program, they will be absolute experts at every step in the sale.

Better yet, they will be able to stand up and teach this to the next guy.

But let’s not forget the modern 21st century side of the business . . .

Your sales people also need to be strong with:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Lead Creation


These are key elements that are needed to capture your “Unfair Share” of the marketplace.

I will teach your sales professionals how to properly generate leads (on their own dime) and manage them effectively.

What if each of your sales guys picked up an extra 4-5 deals each month that they self-generated without making a single cold call?

That’s powerful.

And as a bonus of signing up with us right now, I’ll also toss in:


  • Sales Tips, Tactics, & Techniques (the most powerful tips and tricks I've collected and adjusted over nearly 20 years in the industry) $997 Value

  • Morning Motivation (As GM’s and Owners know, salespeople aren’t all motivational speakers . . . so let me handle that) $1997 Value

  • Live Webinars (Times are constantly changing and I’m constantly learning new angles to approach as I spend time in dealerships. I host live webinars that your team can jump on to ask me live questions and we can go over new trainings virtually anywhere) $4997 Value

  • Exclusive Facebook Group Access (a place where your team can network with some of the top performers int he industry and have direct access to myself, my team, and our resources.) $1997 Value

So, you have two choices for your next step: click the button to the right and jump in now - or, if you're for some reason still not convinced, schedule a call with myself or my team and allow us to personally break down the features and benefits of this program, and how to will help YOU develop a winning sales team!


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