A.C.E Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale"

Message To Dealers:


If Automotive Dealerships wanted to provide their Sales Force with online training, the only options available would cost them upwards of $20,000 Annually!

This would make sense IF the teachings were effective and the Sales Team members remained employed with the same dealership for life.  Unfortunately this has NOT been the case at all. Many dealerships make these substantial investments in developing their Sales Teams only to have one of two things happen:

1) The teachings are out dated and rendered useless 


2) The investment is made for a couple years ($40,000) and becomes unaffordable.  The tragedy here is the dealer has spent $40,000 and is left hoping that the team members who learned from the program are still employed at the store.


I realized that this business model was in fact a providing disservice to the Automotive Dealerships of the world!  

Why should dealers be financially punished for trying to improve their teams, the customer experience and our industry as a whole?

It was for this reason I created my A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale" Digital Program!  A program LOADED with Innovative & Effective teachings for our market in 2017.

Complete with solutions for CREATING, CAPTURING and CLOSING business in today's automotive sales industry, this program speaks the language of TODAY'S sales professionals by utilizing methods that I apply to this very day in the dealerships I do business with.

A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale" Digital Program is the best investment that will yield the greatest return a dealerships "Training Dollar" has ever produced!

This program will NOT ONLY keep your sales team incredibly motivated but it will also inspire them on a daily basis!  By fully equipping your staff with all of the tools necessary to create, close and capture business on demand, this program will not only increase their production levels but it will also have them wanting to arrive at the dealership ready to perform!


Over 275 step by step instructional videos that cover all steps of the automotive sales process including:


-Meet & Greet

-Qualify & Investigate

-Product Selection & Presentation

-The Work Sheet

-Overcoming Objections

-The Close

-Internet Lead Management

-Lead Generation

-Sales Tips, Tactics & Techniques

-Video Marketing

-Social Media Lead Creation 


-Live Webinars

WAIT! There's MORE!

When you join your team will be granted access to my Private A.C.E. TRIBE Facebook Group!

This is a private facebook group where all automotive sales professionals who have joined this program will be able to interact with one another as well as have PERSONAL ACCESS to me and my resources!

In this group I will be hosting MONTHLY WEBINARS for all members to attend for the purpose of answering any and all questions as well as providing advice on any and all aspects of their career!  This is truly an opportunity for you to transform your sales teams careers & lives under the guidance and coaching of a proven professional.

Finally, you may ask...


Simple, you cannot lead until you have served, during my career (which started in 2000) I did just that, served!  I served and performed in all roles including new/used sales person, new/used sales manager, F&I manager & sub prime business manager. Not only have I developed my proven methods over the last 17 years in this industry, I continue to demonstrate the same techniques on demand in dealerships that I provide training to across the country!

Dealerships all over ask me to replace the methods they have been using because they are out dated and ineffective. Our industry has entered a new age and my extremely effective sales approaches and procedures are game changing! 

EXCITING times are ahead, I look forward to taking part in your teams destiny to become great!

-Alan Dickie

A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale" Digital

The investment for the A.C.E. Selling Systems: "Road to the Sale" Digital Program is a ONE TIME payment of $9,999! Finally an incredible program available for all current and future Sales Team members!  **The Program comes with individual licenses for up to 20 Sales Team Members**For an indepth explination please see the last video on this page.See you on the inside!-Alan Dickie

$9,999.00 USD