A.C.E Selling Systems: CLOSING

"I have to talk to my wife"

"This is my first dealership"

"I need to think about it"

"We just started shopping"

Sound Familiar?

These are just a few of the many objections salespeople in dealerships all across the country face each and every single day!

How many times have you presented payment information to your customers only to have them ask you if they can have a copy of the worksheet to go home with? Unfortunately, this happens far too often to good salespeople. This is dangerous because many salespeople reflect on how they conducted every single step of the sales process properly, yet, something was missing because they didn't close the sale. Soon after it becomes easy to second guess your abilities and all of the sudden you can find yourself second guessing your career.


You are not alone! Not only do I work with thousands of salespeople on developing their abilities to become six figure earners but I also had to develop myself. Look, getting to know your product and sales process are very important if you plan on being successful but if you can't close you will never create the performance and income levels you deserve!

Take a look around your dealership, how many six figure performers are on your sales floor? If over 80% of your surroundings do not know how to effectively close business how are you ever going to learn? When I faced this question in my career the first thing I did was made a decision that I was going to become a closing machine!

I started to study the top salespeople in my store while also seeking out as much information about closing sales as I possibly could. The great news was I started to acquire a ton of information, like I mean a TON! The bad news was I had no idea what information would be the most effective and which would be the least effective.

Knowing there was only one way to find out I embarked on what was an incredible time in my career! I started to go for failure with each and every single technique I had at my disposal. This approach lead to three distinct outcomes.

1) Great Failures

2) Great Successes

3) Incredible Innovation!!!

You might be thinking that the #2 outcome provided me with the most value, if so, you're wrong!

The most valuable outcome was the innovation! You see I started selling cars in 1999-2000 which had me mixed in with the old school salespeople who were using techniques that had been effective for the last 20 years or so. I too had used some of those techniques as well and experienced some success but as each year passed and the internet became more popular, those techniques were becoming antiquated and useless. So when I committed to becoming a highly skilled and efficient closer I needed to experiment with various approaches that I thought would be successful.

The results were unreal, I mean I failed a ton but there were some objections that I created closes for that made me say to myself "that was awesome!". So why am I telling you all of these stories, simple, because after spending over a decade in my career while performing at all roles in the dealership I am excited like never before! I am excited to deliver you the incredible news that you too can start closing A LOT more deals with this incredible program that I have put together,


A.C.E Selling Systems: "CLOSING"


This is a program where I have carefully laid out all of the information necessary for you to become a closing machine in your own career! It's really quite simple and I have laid it all out in this program.

Just think, all of the techniques I personally experienced success with during my career are now made available to you! Techniques that I currently utilize to this very day in all of the dealerships that I do business with!

This program will provide you with step by step instruction that will show you how to go from the completion of the test drive to shaking hands with your customer and congratulating them on their purchase! With over 30 video teachings,
A.C.E Selling Systems: Closing is guaranteed to increase your production levels and paychecks!

You do not have to continue to go through your career scratching your head wondering

"why aren't they buying"
"what am I doing wrong"

Once you understand how to extract the right information from your customers you will realize that all customers will tell you how to close them! It's about understanding what their perceived challenges are and solving them which is what this program teaches you! On top of that you will be exposed to by best and most utilized techniques. I'm talking my most potent closes are laid out for you step by step complete with my effective word tracks.

Having this information will almost make it unfair for your customers who think they are "just looking" today as they will be leaving your store saying "I didn't plan on buying a car today"

Look, over the years and even to this very day when salespeople see me in action some of them say things like "he got lucky on that close". I will share with you as I continue to share with them,

"Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity!"

If you are looking to become completely prepared for success when entering closing situations then you have come to the right place as this program will change the game for you guaranteed!

Happy Closing!


A.C.E. Selling Systems: CLOSING

$497.00 USD