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You’re Here For a Reason . . .

Either a friend referred you, a video intrigued you, a manager sent you, or pure dumb luck got you here. However it is you got here, it’s for a reason. The planet and the stars aligned for the most glorious opportunity you’ll ever stumble upon in your lifetime and you are in a position to take advantage to it.

Do you have a quick moment?

I’d like to share with you something that you most likely can relate to.

Picture this for me. You’re walking out of your morning meeting. The internet team has 25 appointments and you just got called out for not making enough phone calls because you don’t have any appointments for the day.

It’s probably right around 9:30 am and your meeting to motivate you like it should have. It’s not fair, right? The internet team is having leads poured down their throats while you sit around twiddling your thumbs, hoping and praying that ANYONE will walk through that door.

You just need someone to talk to. You’re a solid closer and hold gross well. You’re constantly digging your hooks into every floor up you see, making sure they leave with a car.

What if I told you there was a seamless way for you to generate your own leads without posting a million times to Facebook and attending every BNI networking meeting in town?

What if a stone cold closer like yourself got ahold of 50-75 leads or more every single month?

We know your closing ratio would be much higher than your Internet team’s. You’re a much stronger sales professional.


So - if you could close 15 deals a month from your personally generated leads that NO ONE ELSE had access to, what does your paycheck look like now?

I know that most dealerships in the United States and Canada have massive bonuses that don’t even start until 15 cars.

Heck, I know that a lot of dealerships don’t really consider you a “Top-Dog” until 20 cars a month.

So, what if you sold the same amount of floor ups, but added in some of these easy, lay down internet deals that you can generate yourself?

You won’t have to rely on the dealerships to hand you leads or for someone in service to desperately need a car, or for a lay down to walk through the front door.

You’ll be generating your own leads, into your own system, and working them harder than any of those internet guys could even imagine.

You’ll be the star of the morning meetings, and your manager will be pointing at you and asking everyone else “Why can’t you all sell more cars like him!?

It’s time to take control of your financial destiny.

All you have to do?

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